Parker is an artist whose work centers around being vulnerable, and the strength that is gained by it.  Their work is a natural extension of their chronically pained, non-binary trans body. Parker uses bright color, and sometimes clunky movement to depict their love of community and excessive silliness through their work. 

They grew up in NJ and CO, but unfortunately never had any horses to ride bareback into the setting sun. They went to school in Seattle, WA at Seattle Pacific University where they studied art and art history, creative writing, and philosophy.  They now live in Portland, OR where they have two cats, work as a nanny, and can never bake enough sourdough bread. 

They are currently available for freelance, commissions, collaborations, and "chill hangs" with "cool" "art" "people".  

Publications and Exhibitions:

Capitol Hill Artwalk July 2017, Likelihood 

Sonder, Senior Thesis Show, Seattle Pacific University Spring 2017

The Lingua Journal, Winter 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017